Pearson Medical offers the most innovative and advanced pharmacy packaging system for multi-dose, adherence packaging to increase pharmacy efficiency in order to improve patients’ adherence to their medication.  Multi-dose pouch packaging is a simple, convenient method for easier medication administration easier. The allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging Program combines pharmacy automation technology using the IP128APS Automated Dispensing System, with focused marketing assistance to help your pharmacy attract new customers, provide convenient packaging, and improve patient outcomes. Developed and designed for retail pharmacies, this program revolutionizes traditional vial filling to multi-dose packaging into convenient pouches.

Med_StripallMyMeds™ adherence packaging program offers multi-dose adherence packaging for your patients. Maintenance medications are packaged into easy to tear, clear pouches that are labeled with patient specific information including drug name, dosage, time, date, descriptions, and clear and concise instructions on how to administer their medication. allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging is able to interface with your pharmacy information system to ensure you are using one system for all of your prescriptions, making pharmacy workflow efficient. Spend more time counseling your patients with this multi-dose packaging solution and simplify their medication regimen.



IP128APS cutout with canistersThe IP128APS Automated Packaging System offers the most cost effective and reliable fully automated high speed unit dose and multi-dose packaging with the smallest footprint to capacity ratio in the industry. Packaging up to 59 packages per minute, the IP128APS can package maintenance medications in multiple pouch sizes that are easy to use for patients and caregivers.

The complete allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging Program powered by the IP128APS helps your pharmacy grow its business and increase medication adherence for your patients.

allMyMeds™ offers easy accessibility to maintenance medication, providing both convenience and adherence in ONE box.

We offer 2 storage options: disposable cardboard box or a reusable plastic box that can be mounted on any wall or door.

Both types of boxes can be customized with your pharmacy information and logo.

Leave the marketing efforts to allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging to help attract new customers to your pharmacy. allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging will provide the right marketing tools so you can spend more time counseling your patients, to ensure their complete understanding of their regimen. allMyMeds™ is a turnkey adherence program for retail pharmacies today. Not only does this program provide adherence packaging technology to increase pharmacy revenue, but it also provides convenient, multi-dose packaging to increase the adherence rate in patients.

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Pearson’s allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging combines convenient, multi-dose pouch packaging of maintenance medication with marketing support for retail pharmacies to grow their business!  This program allows pharmacists to concentrate on quality patient consultation to ensure patients understand their medication regimen.  Leave it to Pearson’s marketing team to increase your customer base, keep your current customers coming back, and help grow your business!

Medication Adherence

allMyMeds™ Adherence Packaging makes it easy to take medications at the right time, the right way. Whether once a day or three times a day, medications are packaged in a convenient pouch – patients are able to tear off at the appropriate time!

Independent Pharmacies

Access our Medication Adherence Resources for guides to help you improve patient outcomes and medication adherence. Contact PMT for more information. We want to help you!

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What is Medication Adherence?

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