Increase Workflow Efficiency & Increase Medication Adherence!

Are You Worried Your Patients Aren't Taking Their Meds?

• More than half of all patients with chronic illnesses are taking up to 5-7 medications per day and experience difficulty following their medication regimen.
• Patients taking that many medications are prone to forget to take their medications, forget to refill their prescription, or refuse to take their medication.
• Pearson Medical offers multi-dose medication packaging with clear, easy-to-understand directions to follow their prescriptions, thoroughly and accurately.

Are You Afraid There Are Drug Diversions Occurring In Your Facility?

• Are you concerned about medications being administered to the right patient at the right time?
• Are pills going missing due to borrowing of other patients’ pills?
• Are pills missing due to drug diversions caused by your nursing staff?
• Pearson Medical’s multi-dose pouch packaging system organizes pills by med pass in individual, patient-specific and barcoded pouches for accurate medication administration, which reduces or eliminates drug diversions.

Are Your Patients Experiencing Multiple Readmissions?

• As demand increases for tracking of medication adherence to reduce readmissions or re-treatment, multi-dose packaging has become the staple solution.
• Pharmacists are now being recognized for their expertise in population health management to help reduce hospital readmissions.
• Pharmacy automation technology has allowed pharmacists to deliver quality, comprehensive medication therapy management, reduce medication-related problems, and improve patients’ healthcare to ultimately help reduce preventable emergency visits and hospital readmissions with multi-dose packaging for patients.

The Pearson Medical Solution to Improve Adherence!

• Want to help patients follow their medication regimen and improve their health outcome to live safer, healthier lives?
• Want to spend more time counseling patients on making better health decisions?
• Want to decrease the rate of mix ups in pills and improve the workflow for your nursing staff?
• Want to prevent drug diversions in your facility?
• Pearson Medical provides leading pharmacy automation technology to help increase medication adherence and improve the quality of life for patients. 

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