Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System

¼ the Footprint; ½ the Price

Pearson Medical Technologies introduces the latest addition to its line of bar coded multi-dose or multi-medication packaging technology. The IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System is the most cost-effective fully automated high-speed unit dose and multi-dose packaging system available with the smallest footprint available. The IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System helps meet the challenges of medication adherence and bar code compliance. Package multiple medications in convenient and easy-to-open pouches.

The IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System increases pharmacy productivity and efficiency by reducing staff requirements and optimizing workflow and inventory through unattended packaging operations.

The IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System is an ideal solution to help long term care pharmacies and retail pharmacies meet the unique challenges of short cycle dispensing requirements under new healthcare regulations through multi-dose packaging. Because the IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System can be interfaced with the pharmacy information system, multiple medications with 7 day filling and 14 day filling requirements can be seamlessly packaged in multi-dose strips .The IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System also allows pharmacists to package medications “on-the-fly” without disrupting schedule packaging runs.

  • Automated Unit Dose and Multi-Dose Packaging
  • Up to 20 tablets or capsules per package
  • Multiple Package Sizes:
    • 2.4” x 2.4” (60mm x 60mm)
    • 2.4” x 2.8” (60mm x 70mm)
    • 2.4” x 3.1” (60mm x 80mm)
    • 2.4” x 3.5” (60mm x 90mm)
  • Fill multiple canisters with the same drug for high-volume meds.
  • HOT Canister Refill – refill canisters while packaging is in process.
  • Smart canister design prevents canisters from being loaded into wrong slot.
  • Prints Linear and 2D Bar Codes and images and logos.
  • Manual Tray for overflow drugs.
  • Quick and Easy Print Ribbon Cassette Replacement.
  • On-board Dehumidifer Keeps Pills Dry.
  • Compact Footprint(Less than 2’ x 2’): The IP128APS fits through any standard door.
  • Light Weight – no need for reinforcing the floor.
  • Up to 35 lines of text on a package
  • Capacity:
    128 canisters
  • Canister Volume:
    170 cc / 46 drams
  • Max Package Speed:
    59 packages per minute
  • Printer:
    300 DPI Thermal Transfer
    Linear and 2D Bar Codes
    Easy Change Ribbon Cassette
  • Operating Modes:
    Patient-Specific Multi Dose
    Patient-Specific Unit Dose
    Drug-Specific Unit Dose
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 71.9” / 1,825mm
    Width: 23.6” / 600mm
    Depth: 23.6” / 600mm
    Weight: 672 lbs. / 285kg
  • Power:
    Volts: 110V
    Consumption: 400 VA (Peak)
  • Manual Tablet Unit:
    48 Pill Slots
  • Package Sizes:
    2.4” x 2.4” / 60mm x 60mm
    2.4” x 2.8” / 60mm x 70mm
    2.4” x 3.1” / 60mm x 80mm
    2.4” x 3.5” / 60mm x 90mm

allMyMeds™ is a turnkey adherence packaging program designed for retail pharmacies to provide greater, more valuable pharmacist-to-patient consultation time about medication therapy management. Operated by the IP128APS Automated Multi-Dose Packaging System, retail pharmacies shift from traditional vial filling to convenient, multi-medication pouches. allMyMeds™ combines innovative pharmacy technology with continuous marketing assistance to help your retail pharmacy grow your business, attract new customers, and provide adherence multi-dose packaging for your customers.


Q: How many packages can the IP128APS package in a minute?

The IP128APS can package 59 packages per minute.

Q: What can I print on the packages?

Patient specific information can be printed on each package and customized by your pharmacy. For example, patient name, drug name/s, dosage/s, date, time, description of the pill/s, picture of the pill/s, and facility name.

Q: Can I set the IP128APS to package all of my med passes for the day at one time?

Absolutely! This will allow you to tend to other tasks and save you time and money. The IP128APS also allows you to pause your packaging run and send in a stat order for on the fly orders without interrupting your packaging run. You will then resume the previous run, and it will continue to package the rest of your med passes.

Q: I am now using a different size pill that is slightly different than what I was using before. Can I place these new pills in the same canister?

We do not suggest this. Each canister is calibrated for each individual pill. If you were to put a different pill in the same canister, the IP128APs may not recognize the pill causing it not to package that particular pill. Give us a call and see how you can receive a replacement canister.