Multi-Dose Automated Packaging System


The most cost-effective and reliable fully automated high-speed unit dose and multi-dose packaging system with the smallest footprint-to-capacity ratio in the industry – this compact system is what you have been asking for.

Pearson Medical Technologies is bringing you all the innovation we could fit in a 24-inch deep cabinet.

Make the most out of the space you have – one or more IP256APS units can fit in any pharmacy – double the capacity of our own IP128APS – yet still a much smaller footprint than a standard sized yoga mat.

A rotating drum design maximizes efficiency and allows continuous operation even during canister replenishment.

Need more output? Up to four units can be run simultaneously by a single computer.

Need more automation? Interface with any pharmacy information system to receive prescription orders and begin packaging with larger capacity canisters automatically.

  • Automated Multi-Dose and Unit Dose Packaging
  • Up to 20 tablets or capsules per package
  • Multiple Package Sizes:
    • 2.4” x 2.4” / 60mm x 60mm
    • 2.4” x 2.8” / 60mm x 70mm
    • 2.4” x 3.1” / 60mm x 80mm
    • 2.4” x 3.5” / 60mm x 90mm
  • Fill multiple canisters with the same drug for high-volume meds.
  • HOT Canister Refill – refill canisters while packaging is in process.
  • Smart canister design prevents canisters from being loaded into wrong slot.
  • Prints Linear and 2D Bar Codes and images and logos.
  • Manual Tray for overflow drugs.
  • Quick and Easy Print Ribbon Cassette Replacement.
  • On-board Dehumidifer Keeps Pills Dry.
  • Light Weight – no need for reinforcing the floor.
  • Up to 35 lines of text on a package
  • Capacity:
    256 canisters
  • Canister Volume:
    170 cc / 46 drams
  • Max Package Speed:
    59 packages per minute
  • Printer:
    300 DPI Thermal Transfer
    Linear and 2D Bar Codes
    Easy Change Ribbon Cassette
  • Operating Modes:
    Patient-Specific Multi Dose
    Patient-Specific Unit Dose
    Drug-Specific Unit Dose
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 83.7” / 2,126mm
    Width: 47.2” / 1,199mm
    Depth: 23.6” / 600mm
    Weight: 1,094 lbs. / 497kg
  • Power:
    Volts: 110V
    Consumption: 510 VA (Peak)
  • Manual Tablet Unit:
    66 Pill Slots
  • Package Sizes:
    2.4” x 2.4” / 60mm x 60mm
    2.4” x 2.8” / 60mm x 70mm
    2.4” x 3.1” / 60mm x 80mm
    2.4” x 3.5” / 60mm x 90mm