Generate More Revenue & Increase Medication Adherence!


Losing Customers?

Are you having trouble keeping your customers coming back?  Are they switching to out-of-state mail order pharmacies?  Has business been slow lately?  Pearson Medical has the answers with the IP128APS Automated Packaging System – the highest quality at an affordable price with the smallest footprint available (2’x2’).

Lack of Work Efficiency?

Spending too much time verifying medication or on the phone with insurance companies and less time consulting your patients on their medication regimen?  Pearson Medical’s IP128APS solution allows you to have more one-on-one time with your patients.

Convenient Packaging?

Are you just as sick as your customers are with multiple bulky pill vials? Spending too much time sticking labels on too many pill bottles? The IP128APS has easy-to-open packaging with all drug information already printed on each pouch!

The PMT Solution!

Want to help patients more closely follow their medication regimen and improve patient outcomes?  Pearson Medical provides comprehensive marketing assistance and the highest quality pharmacy automation to get customers in your door and keep them coming back!

Special Packages for NCPA 2016 Attendees!